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How can your small business survive the lockdown?

Helpful tips that you immediately implement, to help your small business.

So, as I’m sure you are all aware, this lockdown has taken it’s toll on the South African Economy. None more so than the SMME (Small to Medium and Micro Enterprises) and small business sectors.

Those who rely on daily the daily “hustle” to put food on the table, have had to deal with the enormous blow of the country coming to a standstill. I, myself have had to come to terms with the consequences of “the new normal” and have been forced to think out of the box in order to somehow keep any form of constant work flowing in.

Below I have listed a few essential “DO’s” that I think every small business should have in their toolboxes;

Online presence is everything – Take your time and get the help you need, or teach yourself to setup a basic website (You can’t go wrong with WordPress). We may be asleep at night, but that does not mean your website cannot work for you silently in the back end to build leads.

• e-commerce – If your small business sells a product or service, an online store is definite way to bring your product to your consumer via their mobile devices or computers.

Social Media – You may be put off by the thought of millennials and their TikToks and Insta Stories, but you would rather want to have some form of presence and engagement via one of the many platforms out there as these could convert into possible leads. See examples of how simply these could be setup. facebook  Instagram

Ask your friends to help – A simple like or share goes a long way and should never be underestimated. There is nothing more fulfilling that having an audience which has grown organically through referrals or word of mouth (Your real homies wouldn’t let you down.)

These are just a few “go-to” strategies to help you assemble your lockdown strategy. These extremely simple, but effective steps could be the key to your small business surviving the lockdown.

Should you need assistance with any of the above services, feel free to get in touch and we will step in.

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